Leadership Coaching is a process.  It is also a relationship.  It provides a safe place for you to think, consider options, challenge your assumptions and learn new skills.


We will start with the end in mind so that you are clear about the results that matter for you.  We develop a strategic plan to help you accomplish your goals and we evaluate and adjust to meet your needs along the way.

Through this process you will gain better emotional intelligence.  Your cognitive intelligence, of course, helps you succeed in the technical elements of your work.  Your emotional intelligence, however, will determine whether you are truly successful in leadership.  It will make the difference.


The specific topics you bring will depend on your current leadership challenges in your business or your life.  You will always be in charge of the topics you bring for coaching. You can, however, expect some general direction to support your growth and development. 

In this process you will:



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  • Become more aware of yourself

  • Strengthen your ability to communicate your vision

  • Effectively navigating relationships

  • Get more done



Effectiveness as a leader requires that you be aware of your personality, that you know your strengths and that you are clear about your weaknesses.   You also need to know your values and what gets you stuck.


  Through helpful tools you can deepen your understanding of yourself and learn how to lead others who are different than you are. 

Vision.  It is critical for leaders to clarify and commit to what matters.  It must be compelling enough and worth inspiring others to join you.


Coaching will give you the structure and process to figure out what is important to you.


COMMIT to what matters


NAVIGATe relationships

Great results require great relationships. 

Build trust.  Engage healthy conflict.  Inspire commitment.

Coaching will challenge you to develop the skills you need to communicate your vision effectively and create alignment with your team to accomplish your goals.

You want results and to get those results you must take action, overcome obstacles and create accountability.  This is the work of leadership.


You will go further faster with a coach than if you went alone.  Coaching inspires action.


EXECUTe consistently

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